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E-Books, as the name suggests, are electronic books, which can contain any information and or images that a book, brochure, pamphlet etc can contain. They can be used to send over the internet as attachments, by email in formats of your choice.

For companies and small businesses who need to send out a brochure without the cost of "Glossy Printing" they are an absolute must have. Once you have your E-Book on your computer, you can send it as many times as you like to however many customers you like without additional printing and postage costs. In fact, you do not even need to send it if you have web space available, you can tell customers to download it to their computers.

We can produce them in the usual formats that computers use, eg; Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, etc, or even easier for most people to read, in HTML format. This means that anyone with a computer that has a browser for the Internet installed (99.9%)can read the information.

They can be made to suit you in all types of accessibility. They can be read only, no printing of the pages, password protected, parts of, or none of the above. If you wish to sell the book, you can password protect everything after the first page and the customer then buys the password to access the rest of the book. The variations are endless, so email or call us now for more information.

For an example of an E-book, we have converted this web site, so if you click on the ZIP file, then click save to disk, you can download it from our site to your hard drive. Just unzip the file and double click on LionMC.exe to run it. It has been thoroughly tested against viruses and is therefore safe to run.

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